Get advanced reports from CUCM using SQL commands. Install this tool and run any SQL Query from CUCM database and get results in CSV format. You can also save queries for future work.

Phones in Device Pool with Real Time status , IP, Login UserID, Firmware version information

Download the Network Clan Voice Tool for Windows from below link.:

Download Here

(Installation not required, just unzip and start using)

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More Info:

Welcome to NetworkClanVoiceTool, Please find help below:

Elements in this tool:

  • CUCM IP: Provide the ipv4 IP address of CUCM Node
  • CUCM Version: Select the closest lower version from the dropdown list. For example, if the CUCM Version is, or CUCM 11.5 SU6, Select “11.5” from the dropdown.
  • Username: Select the username with AXL API access. In general, administrator users have this access unless the access is restricted.
    For more information on setting up a user with AXL API access, please visit: https://www.networkclan.com/tools/voicetools/
  • Password: Enter the password for the given username
  • SQL Query: Most used SQL Queries for CUCM, generally have below format:
    SELECT: Specifies the fields which will be fetched from CUCM, these form the columns in the resulted report
    FROM: Specifies the database table from which the columns will be fetched
    INNER JOIN or LEFT JOIN: Joins more tables from the CUCM to represent a complete view in one SQL request,
    and to fetch different columns together at the same time
    WHERE: Specifies the conditions for which the reports are requested from CUCM. For Example,
    -WHERE device.name = ‘SEP098709870987’, can be used when name equals “SEP098709870987”
    -WHERE device.name LIKE ‘SEP%’ , can be used when name begins with “SEP”
    -WHERE devicepool.name LIKE ‘%UK%’ , can be used when name contains “UK”
  • Save Query: Saves the SQL Query with given Query Name
  • Update Query: Overwrites the SQL Query whose Query Name is in the dropdown list
  • Delete Query: Deletes the SQL Query from saved list whose Query Name is in the dropdown list


  • CUCM AXL API has a limit of 8 MB for the resulted data. An error will be shown in the result box if this limit has reached for your query. It will also specify how many rows can safely be downloaded from CUCM for the given SQL Query. You can use LIMIT keyword to fetch limited rows from the CUCM:
    • SELECT dnorpattern FROM numplan limit 100 //This will fetch first 100 rows
    • SELECT dnorpattern FROM numplan limit 100, 200 //This will fetch row 101 to 200
  • This tool and CUCM AXL APIs do not allow “UPDATE” or “DELETE” queries
  • Keep column names unique, or else they will not be populated. For example:
    • SELECT d.description as devicedescription, np.description as linedescription

Best Practices :

  • Do not use “SELECT * ” anywhere in your SQL query, as it fetches all columns from a table, and the CUCM database tables are very large.
  • Please report issues with the software or reviews or suggestions on the link: https://www.networkclan.com/tools/voicetools/.

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  1. Hello: I could not download the tool, it just goes to xml error.This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below.

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